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The Past 12 Months
January 18 - Life Forge
In light of the changes that have been made within the past year, the Life Forge team is happy to announce that we've completed our checklist. Now that we've caught up with all previous roadmap / announced ideas, We've opened up a new realm of possibilities for Life Forge!
With that said, we'd love to invite you all to view our roadmap for the following month.

1: PVP Volcanic island with various high end resources allowing players to literally fight there way to the top!
2: Flushed out content from the beginning of the game. We're looking to further the experience at the beginning of the game, seeing as we've mainly focused on end game content. Expect flushed out content in area's between the levels of 1-30.
3: More raids and dungeons are coming! Look forward to delving into the depths of the sea, as well as the innards of a active Volcano!
4: Quests Galore! Expect a huge increase in quests, including a massive quest line that will bring the world of Life Forge together!
5: ?
The following patch notes below are the results of a hard years work on life forge up until now.

New Areas:
- Duskin Pyramid
- FireFly Forest
- Delga Jungle
- Delga Temple
- Draken Marsh
- Gulta Village
- Ironstar Deadlands
- Marken Island
- Emerald Hills
- Melvernia Caves
- Charlin
- TinderFrost Woods
- Fungoid Caverns
- Glacial Tower
- Melvernia Forest
- Cursed ore Mine
- Mousling Caverns
- Frozen Tombs

- Auctions House
- Randomized Item Drops
- Loot now spawns within a 3x3 'Loot Grid' around the slain Mob
- Shared Loot system that extends the 3x3 'Loot Grid' to a 5x5 'Loot Grid' and removes owned security
- Player Housing
- Boss Mechanics
- Better Crafting UI with Tools
- Guild Controlled Towers
- Weapon Arts
- Daily Login Rewards
- Races
- Alchemy
- Mount Overhaul
- Cosmetics
- Multiple Realms with shared data
- Changable Keybinds
Patch Notes 1.10.5
January 13 - Life Forge
'House Warp' Spell had it's icon changed to something original.
Stats lost from shields when equipping a 2-h weapon has been patched.

Frostpine/Ice Koi/Frostfire Ore rebalanced to 800 (from 700)
Elemental Arena has been fully removed from the server and will be replaced in due time.
Auction Items that expire or sell whilst offline are no longer awarded on login*
Pressing the Return key replicated "yes" on the curreny menu.
/collectfurniture has been changed to /collectf
/collectf has been added to /help

Tab strip replaced with real Tabs to make Events easier.
added map searching to Map Report

*Auction Items now require you to interact with an Collection Chest inside any auction house to collect your item(s) or Gold. This is to increase performance and login times.
Patch Notes 1.10.2
January 4 - Life Forge
Can't put 'House Deed' in the Auction House,
Can no longer drop 'House Deed' if it matches your current 'House',

Horned Edge (Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3) is removed when changing class from Blademaster to Guardian,
Earthsong (Lv1, Lv2 and Lv3) is removed when changing class from Muse to Jester,

Marken Depths invisible blockage for some players removed,
Added minimize option to Main Menu,
Immunity Status on Map change (20s) and Login (30s) now working correctly; Attacking, Moving, Spell casting all remove this Status,
'Member Revives' now heal 75% HP and have "+75% Health" scrolling Action Message and shows in Description,
Dragging an Item to an 'Crafting Station' no longer breaks Hover over UI,
Loot now spawns within a 3x3 'Loot Grid' around the slain Mob,
Added 'Shared Loot' system that extends the 3x3 'Loot Grid' to a 5x5 'Loot Grid' and removed owned security,*
Loot can no longer drop on any tile that is not walkable.

'Craft 5' Now works,
'Appleroot Flask' is now a 150 HP Buff,

*'Shared Loot' allows any Character to pick the Loot up instantly. This removes the 30 second "Last Kill = Owner" protection.
Update 1.10.2 - Patch Notes
January 2 - Life Forge
Patch 1.10.2 Notes
House wall in 'Gandor [L]' is no longer walk-through,
Tree borderline (both) in 'Gandor [L]' missing blocks,
Cliff Edge near top Mining spot in 'Gandor [L]' is no longer walk-through,
Gulta Swamp House now displays Furniture Limit,
Houses are now Tradeable. You _MAY_ not trade _ANY_ deed that matches your current house*,
Presents now are a Daily collectable from 'Christmas Tree',
Players can no longer be invited to a home when in Survival, Dungeon, PvP or Tower Map Types,

'Desert Dulcimer' is now 2% Lethality,
'Balefire Dulcimer' is now 2-H, 3% Lethality and Requires 210 Will,
'Cursed Dulcimer'now Requires 190 Will and has 4.5% Reflect Chance,
Blink Spell Type has an 15% chance to reset cool down when casting,
Blink Spell Type had a complete over haul and no longer uses 'Player Warp',
Anti-Stealth spell Type now gets removed correctly from the caster on duration end,
When Stealthing, any player who has you as a Target has their Target removed,

Mt. Ironstar maps no longer spawn Mobs on the left hand side,
Mobs can no longer spawn on NPC Avoid tiles,
Both missing Blocks missing from Charlin area filled in,
'Amount Input' breaking chat fix applied,
New Map Images for Charlin, Armistin River,
Disabled the Drop-down box at the main menu to force Emerald only,

Staff Only:
House # now loads on selecting House Item Types,

*Houses are on Trail as Tradeable. Any attempts to exploit or bypass our security will result in loss of Deeds and/or Houses.
Christmas Event & Information!
December 16, 2017 - Life Forge
Father Christmas has been kidnapped and is been held by people on the Naughty List. Who will be able to save Father Christmas? Presents and Tree's have begun to appear across the lands to make it feel more Christmassy whilst you try and save Christmas Day!

"Father Christmas Rescue" where you will earn tokens to spend in the Christmas Shop on what ever you desire. This allows people to play and earn what they want, rather than force items on people. I hope to see everyone on and helping rescue Father Christmas!

To celebrate Christmas, All purchases will get an extra +15%. This mean when buying Platinum you will get (rounded UP) :

50 Plat > 58 Plat,
110 Plat > 127 Plat,
250 Plat > 288 Plat,
500 Plat > 575 Plat.

The Christmas Shop will be coming very soon which will include Furniture, Mounts, and Christmassy Cosmetics (Some [L] Limited items too!)

The above Platinum offer ends December 26th.
Update 1.8.4 - Crafting!
November 7, 2017 - Life Forge
Huge crafting changes:
Weaving now requires [Sewing Kit] in your inventory or equipped
Alchemy now requires [Mortar and Pestle] in your inventory or equipped
Carpentry now requires [Chisel] in your inventory or equipped
Smithing (ore to ingot) now requires [Ingot Mold] in your inventory or equipped
Smithing now requires [Hammer] in your inventory or equipped
Tanning now requires [Hide Scraper] in your inventory or equipped
Cooking now requires [Cooking Pot] in your inventory or equipped
Crafting Interface over haul
Crafting Recipes can now require up to 3 different ingredients
Crafting required ingredients can now have X per ingredient
When Crafting, your Skill Level and the Tool used will directly effect the Prefix outcome

Exiting out of the game with an active trade no longer changes Prefix/Suffix on items
Bubbling Cauldron now awards it's daily potion
Exiting out of the game with an active trade no longer changes Prefix/Suffix on items
Bubbling Cauldron now awards it's daily potion
New Accounts no longer bypass the Client Version checks.
Titles should no longer DX8 Error.

Halloween quest NPCs
Halloween event Maps
Blue Chest icon

Sewing Kit
Mortal & Pestle
Ingot Mold
Hide Scraper
Cooking Pot
Update 1.8.3 - Halloween Event!
October 31, 2017 - Life Forge
Halloween Event is now LIVE! Double Experience for the rest of today and Event lasts for the entire week! Grab your Ghost busting equipment and get your free Cosmetics!

'Player has been killed by' is now sent to map only
House Deeds now use V to view in AH/Trade/Inv/Bank
Shroomstrider cap has a Cooking recipe
All known DX8 Errors have been resolved
Any Time Limited item's added from this update forward will state Time Limited in Item Description along with an [L] in it's name

Malice Legs (Halloween Shop)
Malice Mask (Halloween Shop)
Cerberus (Mount) (Halloween Shop)
Flaming Skull (Halloween Shop)
Skeleton Skull (Halloween Shop)
Reaper Costume (Halloween Shop)
Oculothorax [Transform] (Halloween Shop)
Mutitus [Transform] (Halloween Shop)
Tentacle Eyes (Halloween Shop)
Lich Kings Garb (Boss Quest)
Lich Kings Helmet (Boss Quest)
Horns of Dybbuk (Boss Quest)
Ghost Costume (Quest)
Pumpkin Heads [Silly, Angry, Happy, Standard] (Quest)

Red Pumpkin [Chest] - Open to get 1 of the following Red colored; Lich Kings Garb, Lich King Helmet, Skeleton Mask, Horns of Dybbuk, Ghost costume, Tentacle eyes, Flaming Skull or Reaper Costume
Blue Pumpkin [Chest] - Open to get 1 of the following Blue colored; Lich Kings Garb, Lich King Helmet, Skeleton Mask, Horns of Dybbuk, Ghost costume, Tentacle eyes, Flaming Skull or Reaper Costume

Raid HUD is now above quest tracker
Raid HUD HP/SP bars no longer default to 0 when over maximum
Cursed Ore Mine now correctly resets
Auction House no longer accepts Bids higher than it's Buyout
Auction House's Minimum Bid is preset on Buy window
Potions from Chests no longer have a Value of 0
Projectiles no longer cause DX8 errors on map edges
Escape now shows Options Menu
'Leaving' a Party auto joins Global Chat
Can no longer join Party Chat with no Party
Double clicking a stackable then Double...
Update 1.8.2
October 16, 2017 - Life Forge
~New Areas
- Gandor Farm
- Gandor Freehold
- Auction House [House]
- Haunted House [House]
- Masion [House]
- Charlin Cabin [House]

- Pumpkin Head
- Ghostly Costume
- Bubbling Cauldron

- Get ready for some interesting events in Sharda ( closer to Halloween )

- command : /r now responds to a PM and no longer PM's
a random character if you have not received a PM.
- Tonnes of graphical and attribute fixes around the world of Sharda.
- Some weapons/armor re-balanced
- Tonnes of graphical fixes / attribute fixes
- Some balancing to newer weapons/armors
- Party Chat has been added to talk with only your party
- Key Bind additions for Party Chat and Raid HUD Toggle
- Houses can now be traded (Deed)
- /collectfurniture now collects 5 furniture items from your house.

- The Auction House has arrived!
- Raid system! If your party has with more than 4 players it becomes a Raid Party
which disables the current party window HP/SP bars.
- Housing Deeds are now used to obtain houses. You buy the deed then double click to use[​IMG]
Hey everyone, this update adds onto our last update releasing Tinderfrost and Charlin, update 1.8.0.
This is a small addition with some big content! Calling it the Frozen Raid Update 1.8.1
Here's what the update contains.


- The Frozen Tomb Raid has finally arrived!
- New areas accessible around Charlin

- Over 20 new items added
- Frostfire tools / recipes added
- Missing tinderfrost craftables added
- Missing moonflower craftables added
- Missing Recipes for tools
- Missing Recipes for Mage items
- Added drops to Tinderfrost mobs
- Added new 'Hearty Meal' comsume that buffs you for the cold journey in Tinderfrost (Crafted).

- Optimizations made to engine
- Fixed spell damage scale bug upon initial Charlin/Tinderfrost release
- Fixed random crashing at all shops
- Fixed requirements on level 70 gear
- Many visual fixes to Tinderfrost and Charlin
- Some visual fixes to other areas

- Various bug fixes
- Various graphical fixes

That's all for now! Hope to see you all in game!