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-Clicking the Chest Icon on the UI now opens the Life Forge Wikia. While this Wiki still needs updating, it's a good source for a ton of info on Life Forge. (Press CTRL to exit the in-game Browser)

-Members now get a %15 Discount on all Platinum Items from the Mythra Merchant

-Wings! WINGS EVERYWHERE! (More to come as well)
-Loot Crate III has arrived. Can Contain:
-Tier V buff potions (120 minutes)
-Skypilot Suit and Helm (Pink)
-Skyhunter Suit and Helm
-World Blessing
-Turtloid Crate has arrive. Can Contain:
-Turtloid Head or Body (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple)
-Legacy Crate I has arrived. This crate features some returning items as well as some brand new items. This crate will be available for all of September. Can Contain:
-Fae Wings (White, Red)
-Jack-O-Helm (Orange, Green)
-Skull Mask (Red)
-Darkroot (Transform)
-Top Hat Raptor (Mount)

-As a special thanks to customers who have been keeping the lights on for Life Forge, any player who has spent $500 or more will be recieving a Yin-Yang Drake. This drake matches the stats of the current Drakes, but few will have one, effecively making this the single rarest item in the game at the moment. Thank you so much for supporting Life Forge!

-Blinding Ballad Cast Time -3s
-Waking Dreams CD + 10s
-Bards can now learn Flash
-Ballad of Hope nerfed (-2/-2/-1 Vital/Spell Level)
-Siphoning Song buffed
-Gator Spell buffed
-Flamespirit Spell Buff Changed to Willpower
-Deadly Melody buffed
-Song of Strength renamed to Stoic Tune
-Harmful Tune buff
-New Jester Spell "Dark Echo"
-New Muse Spell "Earthsong"
-New "Bard" gear drops

-Maximum Weapon Speed is now 0.3s
-Blademaster has a new Skill! "Honed Edge"
-Cleric has a new Spell! "Spiritflame"

Next update we want to have a full Main-Questline in place. This coupled with brand new zones, PvP rebalance,...
-Bank Pages. There are now 3 pages in your Vault/Bank. 99 Slots each. The 3rd is only open to Members, however.
-3 New Member Exclusive Guild Colors

-New Spell Dropped by King Marken
-New Cosmetic Item sold by the Mythra Merchant

-Vitals (HP/SP) now check in with the Server and refresh faster than previously

More complete changelogs are on Steam!
-Transform Spells
-Sub-Class Change Items

-"Entangle" Warden spell has been replaced with "Moose Form"
-New Warden Spell "Bear Form"
-New Warden Spell "Hedgehog Form"
-New Warden Spell "Hawk Form"
-Bows Buffed Globally

~Quality of Life
-Armors can no longer aquire the Suffix " of Speed"
-Memberships now take the form of an in-game consumable. Can be traded.

~Bug Fixes
-Npc AOE Spells now work as intended

~PvP Tournament~
Next Saturday (20th), Life Forge Staff will be hosting a PvP Tournament at a currently undisclosed location. There will be 2 brackets to the tournament: Duel and Conclave.

The Winner of the Duel bracket will recieve an exclusive "Blood Wolf" mount, of which there are only currently 4 in the game. (purchased long before Steam)

The Winning Party of the Conclave bracket will recieve an exlusive in-game cosmetic cape, signifying your victory in the Conclave.

Duel Bracket~
Players fight to the death in a 1v1 arena to prove their power to the world.

Conclave bracket~
Two parties of 4 duke it out in the Conclave to see which party will reign supreme.

The Winners of both the Conclave bracket and the Duel bracket will recieve 10 Platinum.

The Event will require a 25k Gold admission fee. Members may participate for free.

~Upcoming Updates~
The coming updates will be launched as soon as they're finished as we don't want to make you all wait until Friday for more Bank Slots etc. These new "sporadic" updates will also include new content, but limited to the scope of what we already have established. We're gonna be focusing on polishing up what we have before upping the level cap, adding new higher level zones, etc.
-Added "Cooldowns" on summonable bosses
-Most Equipment can now have randomized types/stat boosts (ie: "Rare Draken Bow of the Jester")

-Cleric damage buffed
-At Peace skill duration buffed
-Boss Drop rates have been normalized
-Most Mounts have recieved a Health rebalance
-New Boss: King Marken
-New Limited "Snow Wolf" Transform. Available until the end of May. Found in Mythra Merchant Shops
-Gathering Skill Level Cap has been increased to 50 from 30

~Quality of Life
-Chat font changed to a font voted for by the community

~Bug Fixes
-If your inventory is full when finishing a quest with an award, it will instead be sent to your bank
-If your inventory is full when getting an item from an event (ie: a chest) it will instead be sent to your bank
-You must now un-equip all equipment before using a Talent Reset
-Tier 6 Craftables
-Max Level up to 55
-New GUI & Font
-Marken Island (talk to Ferryman in Desert Crossing)
-New Items
-New Skills
-New Balance Changes
-Server Optimizations
-Bug Fixes

Spells can now be cast 100ms after using CTRL (not 1000ms),
You can no longer interact when in chat (re-bound key issue),
You can only trade one person at a time now,

Patch notes are a little under whelming in terms of information about changes, we apologise.
Hey guys!

So, after viewing the update video (found HERE) we want to know YOUR opinions on where to take PvP in Life Forge!

Option A. Make new offshoot maps that are rich in resources, bonus gold drops, and maybe even bonus exp. These new maps will be PvP focused.

Option B. Put it back to what it used to be! Open PvP is part of Life Forge!
(for those of you new to Life Forge, first of all, welcome! Second of all: PvP used to be located on several main pathways maps such as almost all of the Duskin Desert and the Delga Jungle Caves)

Personally we're leaning towards Option A, but we look forward to hearing your thoughts!​
Developer discussion was born from chance and opportunity taken by the community, with the purpose to let the developers know what is on its collective mind.
We discussed game health, class identity, re-balancing of items/classes, resources, combat and more.

Given the spectacular outcome from the previous discussions, the outpouring of support following said discussions and the yearning for more... we'll be holding said discussions on a timely schedule.

Developer Discussion returns every Wednesday @ the following time/date:

16:00 CET
22:00 GMT
16:00 EDT
07:00 AEDT
15:00 MDT
17:00 EST

The discussion will be held on discord Developer discussion channel.
To join the discord check our signature or click this link:


1. Please have your mic muted at all times unless prompted to speak. If a player speaks when not prompted to, the player will be muted by staff. They will then be un-muted when they're prompted to speak.

2. Request to a speak in the Developer discussions text channel. A queue will be created to prompt who the next speaker will be. Said queue will be constantly repeated to ensure 100% organization. Please inform Benjo, SkywardRiver, Nika, Rex, Xuven, Blue, Mixxarn, Zeta, or Rex if you'd like to be added to the queue.

3. Questions will be asked both in chat on the discord channel, and on the forum. Both chats will be recorded, and then cleared for the next Developer Discussion.

4. Respect everyone. Disrespectful actions of any kind, be that verbal or physical will result in a Server-wide Mute.

5. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Scolding or complaining about another player's opinion will not be tolerated during Developer discussions.

6. Constant breaking of these rules will result in a warning. If the rules are then broken again, you will be banned from the discord....
We have changed cooking from requiring the cauldron to cook to now having a fire located outside the crafting houses. Also, experience gains have been removed from discovering new areas due to bug related issues. This is something that we might put back into the game but that hasn't been decided on yet.
Here are the current packages available to be bought through donations! These are subject to change at any time. Once we've properly set up our Shop, most of the following will be available. Get the following benefits while you can!

Before purchasing any packages, we recommend reading the information contained within the 'Spoiler' at the bottom of this thread so you know exactly what you are paying for.

We do not issue refunds. Any case opened against Life Forge will result in loss of access to our services.


$1 - Special Thanks

$5 - Special Thanks, Founder Rank (Forum)

$10 - Special Thanks, Founder Rank (Forum), 1 x World Blessing

$15 - Special Thanks, Founder Rank (Forum), 1 x World Blessing, Founder's Mount, Membership

$30 - Special Thanks, Founder's Rank (Forum), 2 x World Blessing, Founder's Cape, Founder's Mount, Membership, 25 x Platinum (In-Game Currency)

$50 - Special Thanks, Founder's Rank (Forum), 3 x World Blessing, Founder's Cape, Founder's Mount, Membership, 50 x Platinum (In-Game Currency)

$65 - Special Thanks, Founder's Rank (Forum), 3 x World Blessing, Founder's Cape, Founder's Mount, Membership, 50 x Platinum (In-Game Currency), 3 x Stat Reset, 3 x Talent Reset, Adventurers Starter Pack.

$100 - Special Thanks, Founder's Rank (Forum), 3 x World Blessing, Founder's Cape, Founder's Mount, Membership, 75 x Platinum (In-Game Currency), 3 x Stat Reset, 3 x Talent Reset, Adventurers Starter Pack, Top Hat Raptor.

Members in-game get exclusive access to the Member's revive and future member only areas.
World Blessing: Gives the entire server 2 x the experience gain...​
  • Silver Wind is now a Small AOE
  • Platemails got a small Defense Nerf
  • Shields got a small Defense Nerf
  • Life Spell Nerfed (Longer Cooldown, Higher SP Cost, Fewer Ticks)
  • You can now target yourself in Stealth
  • Mobs killed by you will now drop items visible only to you for the first 10 seconds
  • Blade Flurry Skill Nerfed Slightly (Higher SP Cost)