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  • Previous 30% Defense Buff for Pages and Advancement Classes has been nerfed to 15%
  • Mount Timer changed from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Skilling after level 30 will no longer grant EXP
  • You can now only request to Party with someone with a 5 level range of your Party's highest level
  • Changed food timer from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds
  • Player Defense will now diminish PvP Skill damage
  • As a result of the above change, PvP Skill damage has been slightly buffed
You can also download this latest client to fix a few bugs (such as talent speccing in any resolution and getting stuck on "connecting to server")

  • Mounts now have a 3 second cooldown for uses
  • You can walk through players on any map type by holding Shift
  • AOE Heals fixed
  • You can no longer autotarget stealthed players
  • You can no longer request to trade with a player in a PvP Zone
  • You can no longer invite another player to your Party in a PvP Zone
The new Player Moderation team
The team at LifeForge feel lucky to spearhead such an amazing community.
As most of you have seen, the rate of growth we have experienced recently has been unexpected and nothing short of incredible. With such a population explosion that is guaranteed to further balloon with the Steam release we must look at the next level of the game: support infrastructure.

We developers are working hard to make LifeForge bigger and better for you.
In this pivotal stage of development we simply do not have the time nor energy to meet the ever-growing demand of player support, and as such we have established a need to expand our team considerably to do so in the form of player moderators.


Mixxarn, Wrath and Xuven have taken the mantle

What is a player moderator?

  • It is a player - just like you - that has shown dedication, experience and activity within the game and have undergone considerable vetting processes to even be considered for the position.
  • They have shown their love for the game.
  • They have shown their love for the community of the game.
  • They have shown the potential to vastly improve player experience consistently, to a standard that would make everyone proud.
  • These are players we made an execute decision to approach, whom have accepted the immense responsibility and expectations of a Player Moderator.

What do they do?

  • Peasant to Prince: Answer your questions and bestow you with tips&tricks to make your time in-game more efficient.
  • Be heard: Player Moderators streamline your suggestions to developers, organise weekly/bi-weekly developer discussions and ensure that you are an integral part in the future of the game.
  • Rags to...
  • You can now only revive players that are in your party. This may be a temporary fix for "res ganks"
  • ETargetting Fixed
  • PvP No longer grants double exp when in blessing
  • Blink/Backstab can no longer break the PvP level gap
  • Removed "Join/Leave" Messages for all non-admins
  • PvP Bow/Staff Range Fixed
  • Warden HP Buffed
  • Magi HP Slightly Buffed
  • Wizard HP Slightly Buffed
  • Cleric HP Slightly Buffed
  • Ranger HP Buffed
  • 1 Handed Weapons "Accuracy" Buffed
  • Magi Spells will have lower Cast Times and Cooldowns. Staffs and Wands will take a small nerf
  • Jungle Jian Buffed
  • Blade Flurry Buffed
  • You can no longer attack a player that is in your Party
  • More Repeatable Quests coming soon
  • Buffed Grasp of the Jungle
  • Resources now spawn quicker with more players on the map
  • Members now have 1.2x exp when a World Blessing is not active.
Hey guys! So server will be down for the next hour and a half (estimated) for server maintenance! A new patch will also be launching when the server comes back up!

Thanks for your patience!​
  • Page Defense Buff
  • Invincible Timers when first entering game or new maps
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Ironstar is now Safe Zones (no PvP there)
  • Getting hit by a player while Mounted will now knock you off your mount
  • Cleaned up Server Log code
  • More Dryriver Fishing Spots
  • Introducing an experimental Server Player Limit. This will help with server lag. This may be changed in the future. We will be releasing Server Channels in the future to work with this.
Hey guys,

So as most of you know, the server is having a hard time processing everyone's actions at once. We DO have some very viable solutions in line that will hopefully be finished before too long. While we apologize for the inconvenience, we also wanna send a huge thank you to you all for your patience and ongoing support of the Life Forge Team!

You guys are what truly makes this game fantastic not only to play, but to develop as well. I also wanna give a shoutout to a few awesome players that have been helping the staff answer questions and just being generally good folks!


You guys are great! I may have forgotten to mention some of you here, but please know that your help goes a long way and that we see it!

All in all, we're working on polishing up our systems, many bugs have been found and fixed with all of your help, and you guys are awesome for being a part of Life Forge!

~Life Forge Team​
It's as we feared. Valve was not able to verify our game build in time. As such we have moved our release date to Friday (March 17th) so that, upon release, players will have the entire weekend to enjoy the game!

We are very sorry for these delays. As an apology we'll be creating more content to play upon release.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Our staff are active on our Discord,, and on these Steam Forums. If you have any questions or grievances, just post below and we'll be sure to get to it!

Thank you for your patience,

Life Forge Team
Hey guys! Life Forge Team here and today we're gonna be trying to bring you all up to speed on what's happening with Release!

We are very much hoping to release on time as planned. There is a chance, however, that Valve may not have reviewed our Build in time for the planned release. If this is the case, we will have to delay our release by up to 3 days. We know, that would suck, so we're really hoping Valve can review our build in time for release! We should be able to let you know what's going to happen about 3 hours before our Set Release. Thanks a ton for your patience everyone!

~Life Forge Team