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So we know this is gonna be a bit of a bummer for some of you, and trust me, it was a bummer for us too. Steam doesn't allow Greenlight games to Launch on Weekends, so we'll be releasing this Monday.

Monday, March 13th

We're really, truly sorry for this inconvenience. We hope to make it up to you soon!​
Greetings everyone!

We here on the Life Forge team would just like to apologize once again for the Steam Release Delay that occurred last week. We apologize for not being able to produce the content needed for the release fast enough.

We would however like to say, with great admiration, that the game will most likely be making its release quota this Saturday!


A lot has happened in the last couple weeks, Just to catch you all up on some of the things added, here is a small list of new features, and changes:

New Features:
Ping Display (Displays right under HP,SP,EXP bars)
Labels display over buttons (Mouse over hot bar and icons in bottom left now display names, and descriptions)
E targeting for auto-player targeting (Player Vs Player Targeting)
AFK System (After 10 minutes of not moving, you won't be able to interact, or cast spells)
Platinum is now purchasable in the cash shop
A barber shop has opened in gandor!

Blink spells can no longer hit you outside of pvp maps (Can no longer attack players using Blink in safe zones)
Resolutions are now saved in options (Upon closing the game in a Res, you will boot up in the same Res)
Shift+H instead of H now hides/reveals GUI (Originally H)
ESC no longer closes the client (Closed Client when pressed)
Guild limit is now 50 (Originally 15 total members)
Level Cap has been increase from 30 to 40
Server Security has been increase
Rules have been updated (Check them here:
Tedious yet needed bug fixes
Players whom use stealth are now visible and targettable to players they're close too (Only Players)


Looking forward, with an increase level cap, there must also be an increase in content that comes with it. The maps showcased below will be released periodically every week. Starting with Delga Jungle and then FireFly Forest. This is to separate the amount...​
Hey guys!

First off, sorry for the lack of communication of late! We've all been super busy working on Life Forge these last few days to give you all the best experience we can!

So, as you can probably discern from the title, we're going to have to delay our release until next Friday/Saturday. We simply could not finish all the new zones, features, art, and content we intend to release with in time. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we hope we can appease you with these screenshots of some of the new content we'll be Launching with :D




Again, we're very sorry for the delay, but we feel it is the best for everyone involved. More news on the new content and features soon!

Hey guys!

So, as some of you know, Life Forge has been officially Greenlit! This means that we'll be releasing on Steam within a week or so. As such, we want some time to polish up the game and create some great new content for everyone!

The server will be going down tomorrow and will remain down until our Steam release (which will hopefully be this Saturday!) We thank you all for your patience and dedication to Life Forge. You guys are what makes this game great!

~Life Forge Team​
Yes! We are very sorry for any who have lost some content with our new site conversion, but with our Steam Release Coming up soon, we decided to start fresh with the website! Please bear with us as we continue to get things set up once again!

Any of you who are Founders, simply PM one of our staff and we'll get you your special Forum Account :D