Hotfixes and Sale!

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    Hotfixes and Sale!
    January 20 - Life Forge
    A new Client is live. You're not required to download it to login. Some small tweaks and cleaned up some client side stuff.

    From the 25th of January until the 4th of February (10 days) you will be able obtain +15% Platinum on all purchases.

    This mean when buying Platinum:
    50 Platinum purchases becomes 58 Platinum,
    110 Platinum purchases becomes 127 Platinum,
    250 Platinum purchases becomes 288 Platinum,
    500 Platinum purchases becomes 575 Platinum.

    All are (Rounded UP).

    Also you can grab the Goblin Race (Consumable) that changes your race (permanently) with any Platinum purchase over $30 during this time!

    Ping display removed,
    Chat Bubbles no longer transfer between maps,
    Main Menu Discord Text no longer self removes,
    Fullscreen camera corrections (1 tile width / 2 tiles height missing),
    Quest "!" & "?" replaced with actual textures,
    No longer need to click 'Quest Log' Icon to get "?" and "!" to show.
    Started work on realigning NPC/Mob Names & Levels,
    Removed the old 'Cash Shop' code from Game Loop.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Life Forge Team, Aug 9, 2018.

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