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    Welcome to my small project where i'm gonna write a lot of my ideas what i'd like to see in game. At the first i have to warning you, most of them are huge and are seems imposible to be added less then months of hard work with codding. Thats why im gonna try to make this as simple as it's possible. Also I do not intend adapt to the Suggested template but because it is only suggested I hope that it will not make anyone upset but because it is only suggested and my post diverge from the suggestion to the more my sick imagination I hope that it will not make anyone upset. I had a lot of ideas so i decited to divided it into several parts and focus on a single topic in each post. I would very much encourage you to comment below your opinions. That's basically all I wanted to say in the introduction, so let's get started!

    I was wondered so long about what might be suitable to tell in the beginning. Something that could have been discussed to a lesser extent, and what was likely to appear in the game. That's why I decided to tell you about plots. But why Plots? You may ask. Creating a system of plots allows us to the simple adding houses, guildhalls and also shops and if I remember correctly, I saw somewhere this idea about the shops.

    As u can see thanks to this topic, my next posts about house's, guildhalls and shop's gain more sense and will help you understand it more from my perspective

    The simplest system

    Immediately I mention that my coding skills are at a very low level, so all I will say now I'll stick with a sticker that says "I think so"

    After adding the simplest things like the appointment of the land and its connection to, for example sign we should have half way behind. Now we can add some information to the labels on the plot like the owner, price per week, the "buy" button to assign plots to the player and some special characters such as the number of rooms. It does not really make sense at the moment to dwell on the sign. The bottom line Is that the player had the opportunity to buy/rent the parcel.
    Now when we already have own this parcel its like to have some commands or maybe even a speacial small menu with buttons what show when u get in to ur parcel. The most common commands may be locking doors, kicking players out of the parcel, set the roommates (also applies to shops and guildhall but about it later).

    House's system

    In fact, I intended to create a separate post about the private houses of the fact that I do not have enough information about inventory/chests. But it has already exhausted all what I had to say that "initial" topic, I must move on.

    This part of the post is not entirely completed by the fact that I had to add it earlier than i planned, and because is very developed. That elements have not yet been developed so that they can't see the light of day yet!


    But why do we need such a thing as houses? I bet in the game outside of his small personal inventory. You can also find something called a global chest which It has considerable more space, there is no weight limits and have access to it from almost that each city. Personally, I do not like them over here but not about this. What is important is what the player would do if suddenly ended by his place in this chest. To the rescue comes any apartment/house. Players would have a private place to store your items. And depending on the cost of the purchased home would increase the number of those are boxes.

    House editor

    This editor houses would have make more sense in those are private shops and guildhalls. But that we would already have their own houses, then why not give players a little creativity tools? Before you even begin with this subject, I would like to explain a few things as for instance chests and other "bigger" Items like for instance anvil necessary for the blacksmith workshop. Items any, could be put only in their own homes, shops and guildhalls. But to prevent the player to buy a small flat for a penny and place, for example, with 30 boxes and have an infinite number of places, I invent a panel equipment departments of the lot which was supposed to be available only when you edit your parcel or when trading them at the special Dealer. This parcel inventory, was assigned to the player, and if he had a shop that also could use it to add something to it. This also applies to guild where if the player would have sufficient rights, could open itself this inventory in the guild to edit environment. But some items just as, for example, chest were to limit in any parcels.

    For example, we have a small house at the lake. There's a little space so the limit has been set to a maximum of one chest. Which means that when a player has already put one of the crates, he will not be able to put the second one and when he try it, will be notified small text. Also can be added to the tab protruding from the small arrow and after you press the eject not text with information about the limit for some subjects.

    Immediately the limit of some items would differ by the type and size the parcel. For example, rather guilds would have the largest number of boxes, but about the guilds in the next post. What about the objects of beauty? Any, for example, pots of flowers would not have a limit so you can would put them as much as you wants.

    House roommates

    For private housing roommates for stores and employees for guild members. Already I'll tell you why this system is also worth to add it. Who knows. Perhaps it be possible to buy huge parcels with many rooms and start to hire another players, rising at the same time on something like a hotel? I do not know. It is not what I wanted to talk today. Frankly I would only give the example for the each one type of the parcels why the lot would be worthwhile to add and describe them in more detail in specific topics.

    Starting from the shops. Any, stores would probably be quite expensive to buy and maintain. That is why most newer players have to forget about them. But that is for sure? Basically no. Through such a system journeyman player who has a shop could employ to help the player who would help him in the shop, he will be also has some certain rights, etc.

    For the guilds its just will be a guild list and rank they have would give them some rights in the guild parcel.

    But what with private houses? I do not have much to say here. Although rather it seems to me these options to suit interesting. For example, some players can not afford to buy and maintain a lot, they could at her submit and with it also share. Roommates could also regulate the cost of renting. What I forgot to mention, and certainly it somewhere else I'll drop at the beginning of this post is that you would also add the right to certain Items like chests. That only authorized persons could use to addor draw items or even only just an explicit. Or also for employees the same right to use for example the anvil.
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    This is a great thread! Player housing has already been discussed as a possibility in life forge. We'll let you guys know when we decide to add player housing! Please continue to post your ideas!
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