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    This build is focused for Hunter classes to go as a Tank/solo/grind but works with other classes such as Pages and Magi aswell.
    This build is mainly used for patch 1.4.1+ (Rollable stats)

    Goal: 300+ defense
    Stats requirement: 150 primary stats (weapon) - Rest on END

    This should give you enough defense to survive.

    Talent Priority:
    Special Talents
    for the HP Boost at early levels.
    Defensive Talents afterwards to pump up the HP and END.
    Offensive Talents will be added at the end of lv 45-55.

    (True Shot + Allspark can be replaced with Shield of Fire + Light of Hope for Page classes)
    (True Shot + Allspark can be replaced with Traveler's Strength + Fires of Justice for Magi classes)

    Best in slot for Hunters Tank Build
    A good mix of boss drop such as Soot Knight Gear with Mask of Malice for that sweet Lethality and decent defense with agi boost will hit the spot for the hybrid build. Topaz/Gem should be replaced with the element weakness of whatever you are farming, otherwise stick to Dark Topaz for it's defense stats.

    Prefix & Sufix on Equipment:

    Prefix: Epic (common sense, have the highest prefix for max value of sufix)
    Sufix: Archer (+AGI) or Wild (+END, +AGI) or Wall (+END) or Stranger (%Lethality) or Damage (+DMG/DEF)

    Archer: Having this on a charm such as Jungle leech is forgivable as you can reset stats and talents for different build. This will make it less pain in the butt to farm another jungle leech with the correct stats.
    Wild: Wild is a mix of END and AGI which works well if you need that extra sweet AGI on T6 plate gear or any other gear that you don't really want to re-roll.
    Wall: Wall is definately what I recommend on most gear as it gives you flat END to the stats. And we all know that END grants both HP and defense stats which is helpful for future content or if you haven't reached a certain defense cap for content.
    Stranger: Lethality will increase your overall dps for PvE and PvP as it grants armor penetration.
    Damage: Having a flat increase on your damage (on weapons) or increased defense (on armor) is always a bonus if you know that it will get you to a certain cap point of defense and damage.

    Each sufix needs to be tested on what's fastest for solo grinding/boss killing etc. I'd recommend high enough END for 300 def cap and rest on AGI for skill scaling for current patch to grind and farm without any issues.

    Draken Aura - Purchased in Gulta by the witch with 100 Marshweed. Grants +15 END which is helpful for that temporary buff in case you are low on defense.
    Bolster - Purchased at Armistin by the lady on the purple carpet. It's a buff that grants defense.


    Endgame items:
    Fang -
    Your highest damage dealing weapon which is 2h. However also slowest to swing and suffers from stealth hit penalty when you miss a hit.
    Sin - Newly added 1h ranged weapon which triumphs in PvP but also for those who prefer going ranged without needing any arrows. This also grants you some %lethality compare to the bow.
    Viper's tail - The off hand PvP dagger/shield that provides parry and agility for the extra dps in hybrid build.
    Ashen Shield - Best defensive shield out there if you need that block and endurance to be more tanky in hybrid.
    Draken Bow - For those bow lovers that prefer to shoot arrows and consume them for that extra 200 damage could be up in par with the other endgame items due to it's %crit.


    Jungle Leech - one of the most popular charm for endgame that is still usable for any purposes due to it's multi stats and lifesteal and spiritleech combination.
    Caterbird Feather - Newly added in 1.4.3 from the new boss which is still a good item and arguable to replace Leech for it's higher spiritleech % aswell as extra tanky/healing stats.



    Saviour / Warlord (+5 all stats) -
    A good choice to have extra +5 agility to scale your Volley or in general for all around stats such as extra +5 END because we won't have enough END for the 150 title.

    This can be done by other classes aswell as I set my prirority of talents to HP, END, and later on free talent points spent into primary stats on offensive for your own class as mentioned above.

    This build is used for solo purpose, gathering without having to bother with enemies, solo killing bosses, massive AoE grinding mobs for xp/loot and PvP.

    Big thanks to Rekusa providing information and experimenting with hybrid builds and congratulations on the PvP tournament.

    Got any further questions feel free to ask on discord for a quicker response or leave a comment.

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    Follow me on Twitch for Q/A and livestreaming the game
    - Chibi

    Pure Agi Build (Outdated)

    Talen system & Cap routes
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    - Updated to Patch 1.4.2 (with rollable stats)

    - Defense value has been changed to old system.
    - New build/stats image will be updated with ring replacement (got marken seal)
    - New gif added for higher mob tanking

    - Talent priority added on the guide.
    - Minor text change as the build is working for Page and Magi classes.

    - Added gear images of build + alternative gear set
    - More information about the drops and alternative weapons for other classes.

    - Tank Build image has been updated instead of the old one showing stats with a T6 Pickaxe.

    - Added recommended sufix on the rollable stats
    - Added link to prefix/sufix page for more information
    - Added links to other builds and guides

    - Updated guide to 280+ Defense as players might stop adding at 270. (Don't stop with the defense if you feel like you're taking too much damage. A good cap is 300.
    - Added Marsh bones to alternative gear for Jungle Leech.


    - Revamped the guide to a Hybrid build.
    - New BiS and stats requirement added.
    - Removed some old sections
    - Added buff section

    - Added another sufix to the rollable stats.
    - Removed some wrong information in middle of some text.


    - added the feather build.
    - added Charm section
    - 1.4.2 builds works for 1.4.3 build (lazy to edit the build names).


    - Updated to 1.4.7 patch with new items added.
    - Added endgame items section
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    Request to change thread title to Revamped Hybrid Tank/DPS Build
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    This guide is amazing. I love you chibi.
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    1.4.3 feather build added.
    Nothing much changed except a new charm that might be possible to be better for your hybrid/extra tanky stats.

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