Prefix & Sufix Rolls on Equipment

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    Broken - Stats nerf
    Normal - The normal stats
    Uncommon - A minor bonus on stats. Mostly +1 or +2 stats or 0.2-0.3%
    Rare - Bonus stats around +3
    Epic - A high bonus stats around +5.
    Legendary - Best prefix to be obtained.

    Weapons will have better modifiers than Armors.
    Disclaimer, cloaks does not get any prefix/sufix rolls anymore after hotfixes.



    Speed - +Speed (On Weapons, lower value = faster attack speed) (Verified)
    Damage - +ATK (On Weapons) +DEF (On Armor) (Verified)
    Wild - +END, +AGI (Verified)
    Vampire - %Lifesteal (Verified)
    Stranger - %Lethality (Verified)
    Wall - +END (Verified)
    Archer - +AGI (Verified)
    Wanderer - +STR, +INT (Verified)
    Wicked - %Spiritleech (Verified)
    Harmony - + WIL (Verified)
    Warrior - +STR, +END (Verified)
    Hawk - %Crit (Verified)
    Mage - +INT (Verified)
    Jester - +INT, +AGI (Verified)
    Rogue - +STR, +AGI (Verified)

    Crafted Armor (Verified)
    Crafted Weapons (Verified)
    Droppable Armor (i.e Firefly Mask etc.) (Verified)
    Droppable Weapons (i.e Dusk Dagger, Pyramid items etc.) (Verified)
    Droppable Charms (i.e Jungle Leech, Grasp of the Jungle etc.) (Verified)

    No Prefix/Sufix Equipments:
    Rings (Verified)
    Dark Topaz (Verified)
    Tools (Verified)
    Capes (Might get changed in the future) (Verified)
    PvP gear are not rollable - Tested twice (?)
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    stranger is lethality percentage
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    -3-4 Defense score on armor.
    havent seen it ona weapon yet.
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    Keeping the information as stats nerf for now consider that the defense varies depending on each tier of item aswell as the stats value.

    I.e Ankusha had 20 defense and got dropped to 10 as Broken Ankusha

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